What’s happening?

The blog looks a little neglected right now, but that’s not because I’m not doing anything…far from it!

I’ve been a busy stills photographer over the last month working on several short films – three graduation pieces with the amazing students over at National Film and Television School and one with Anshu Poddar of London Film School. All projects have been shot on film – you know that weird flexible plastic stuff they put in cameras of old?

Shooting on digital along side of of film is great as it gives me more opportunity than usual to assist the Director of Photography in getting immediate feedback on how lighting set ups will be immortalised on their valuable film stock before the shot is made. What I do is match the intended exposure of the motion camera and white balance settings and the Director of Photography can see what they’re likely to get.

I’m itching to post some stills from all of these projects, but just waiting on confirmation from the producers to share some samples.

The recent projects:

Small Town Glory – Short Film (35mm)
Directed by: Mary Nighy of NFTS

Strays – Short Film (16mm)
Directed by: Robbie McKillop of NFTS

Tortoise – Short Film (16mm)
Directed by: Jae-Ha Myung of NFTS

The Passing – Short Film (35mm)
Directed by: Anshu Poddar of LFS


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