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As a publicity stills photographer you’ll often hear tales of “the other guy” that they won’t work with again. Here’s the pitfalls that I avoid and that you should too: DON’T interrupt the shoot. In many publicity photography environments the photographer is central to the process and has almost full command of the creative team....


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  • CJKJune 4, 2013 - 11:58 pm

    Hi Angus,
    First of all, like so many others, I wanted to thank you.
    Thank you for all these information that all other photographer are afraid to share!

    In regards to images display/sharing, do you think it is ‘ok’ to publish pictures without any previous approval, if the film was already released?
    I am creating a brand new website and I am wondering if I can display pictures of my choice, taken on previous sets, as long as their production is completed.

    Also do you think that is a mistake if I ask that we add a close to my contract, allowing me to send some behind the scene pictures to the crew?

    Thanks again and talk to you soon, as I am probably going to ask a lot of other questions:)


  • PSbyAYJuly 12, 2013 - 1:32 pm

    Thanks for your questions! I’m sorry for the delayed reply.
    I don’t display photos without producer’s approval, personally. You should consider any contracts you’ve signed and whether you find yourself in breach of that by doing so. If no contractual arrangement prevents you from sharing the photos you should then consider the implications on your relationship with the producers.
    Where there have been images I needed to show as they were particularly appropriate to pitching for a new job, I have shown images not formally approved within a password protected gallery to the people that are considering me for specific roles.
    I see no problem with negotiating to add a clause to contracts enabling you to share behind the scenes photos with crew. I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask at all.

  • Masimba Tinashe MadondoSeptember 29, 2013 - 7:29 pm

    Pleasure reading your articles. Should be great help when I do my first on set job tomorrow.

  • Lee HarperOctober 22, 2018 - 4:19 am

    Hi Angus, great pieces of information you have here. If only I’d seen this article before my first job on a tv production. I was a live music photographer previous to the TV work and was in the habit of sharing a few images on social media etc. for the bands to see. Oh boy, did I make a big mistake on this one!! Several emails AND a phone call from ITV, who were worried I’d reveal all by sharing the photos. I had shared a few with some of the stars of the show and got a proper telling off. No contract had being signed so I was under the assumption that I had free reign with the stills. I just hope I haven’t blown it if the show gets second series.