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[singlepic id=1019 w=250 float=right] I’ve got to say, that one of the most rewarding aspects about shooting production stills is the opportunity to create amazing images in collaboration with Actors. As a photographer on set, it is my utmost goal to create strong and marketable images that give the best portrayal of the film and...

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  • MichelleJuly 11, 2013 - 12:55 pm

    Have you ever found yourself at odds with an actor / actress ? I am new to the game and immediately found myself aggravated by a person with a small role – she’s had two walk on’s and now knows everything about the movie business and acting. It’s horribly annoying! So far I’ve kept my mouth shut. What would you do ? I don’t see that I can do anything that I’d like to do without ruining my reputation.
    What would you do ??
    Thanks !