Tech Talk – A handy portable workstation hack

If your photography business is anything like my work on film sets there is often no particularly good places for your laptop to be while you’re downloading your files to your computer.

Often times this results in me having to leave my laptop temporarily on a chair or other small surface. With my Macbook Pro, it is particularly susceptible to issues when USB connections get interrupted, such as when I hurredly have to move my temporary workstation.

Here’s my solution to this problem.

You’ll need.

I applied the soft velcro side to the back of my laptop’s monitor
Applied the hard scratchy side to the base of my card reader
Had a local boot repairer sew the scratchy side onto my hard drive case ( had three done, two for the thicker LaCie Rugged drives and one for the slimmer versions, and it cost me £20ea)

You could also apply the velcro to the drives directly, but given that I get my clients to buy the drives I work with for delivering the files, the cases seemed a less wasteful use of the velcro.

Love it? Hate it? Got a better solution or another handy hack? Please do comment below!


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