July 2012 – Hot Links

Preview: Jamie Mathews on the set of The Underwater Realm

News and Discussion

  • Huffington Post – Hollywood Movie Stills A sneak peek at Preview of Joel W. Finler’s collection of iconic movie stills – LINK
  • London Film Museum – Magnum on Set Exhibition (til September 2012) I recently visited this collection in Covent Garden. It is both free and a stunning look at classic behind the scenes and publicity stills shot by Magnum photographer guests on film sets. It includes stills from the set of Deathof a Salesman, The Planet of the Apes and Marilyn Monroe classic Seven Year ItchLINK
  • A Photo Editor – “Is it time to eliminate stills from your (film) shoot?” – interesting discussion on the ongoing value of having a unit stills photographer on film sets in light of the ability to take frame grabs from modern motion picture cameras such as the RED, Alexa and Sony F65. I agree that on certain shoots where publicity is not so important (commercials) there may be reduced value to be gained from having a stills photographer. I strongly believe that having an on set photographer for story telling projects is imperative to ensure that distribution deliverables. Merely meeting the deliverables requirements is not enough however as the better the stills (not to mention more fit for purpose) the easier it is for publicists to obtain exposure for the show. – LINK
  • The Under Water Realm – this exciting independent film project is now shooting here in the UK. I consider it a fascinating case study in ambitious film making and exceptional marketing. With regular and detailed insight into the goings on both on and off the set this is a very open project. Their production values are almost unheard of in independent film making with lots of pyrotechnics, SFX and even underwater filming, I’m very proud to have been invited in to shoot stills with them. OFFICIAL SITE | FACEBOOK (featuring lots of my behind the scenes stills)

Stills Photographer Profiles

  • Yahoo News – Anthony Levi Kho Rags to Riches stills photographer – A great profile on Singaporean unit stills photographer, Anthony Levi Kho – LINK
  • China Daily – Profile of Fu Jan – This is an exceptionally candid profile on Ju Jan, an experienced Chinese stills photographer. He talks particularly openly about the emerging challenges of working with A-list talent as well as the difficulties of finding the best position to shoot stills from on a busy film set. This one is definitely worth a read. – LINK

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