2011 – A very fine vintage

As 2011 comes to a close, its a great time to give some thought to the year, my achievements and also give some thoughts as to my goals for 2012. This year I’ve worked on 15 shows. The production standards have improved greatly over previous years, and I’ve worked with some truly amazing Directors, Actors and Production Companies (Warner Brothers on Dark Shadows as well as the Discovery Channel on its forthcoming factual entertainment series Dealers). As you scroll down the page you’ll see some images that define for me the shows I’ve worked on and I think its very fair to say that as a unit stills photographer, the quality of your work is always hugely influenced by the shows you work on as well as the cast and crew of the shows that hire you.

A further exciting professional achievement for me has been establishing connections with my unit stills photographer peers (and in some cases, idols) who have taken given feedback and content to feed into my Tech Talk which I’m proud to say has become a thorough resource for anyone considering stepping onto a film set to shoot stills. To Dave, Jasin, Frank, Hopper, Leah, Larry, Curtis, Skip, Alex, Tatyana and Michelle it has been brilliant (and humbling) having contact with you, and I hope that continues well into the future.

After two years in the UK, I’m now regularly thrilled to walk onto a set with those I’ve enjoyed working with before, not to mention those greatly appreciated referrals, now coming through all manner of cast and crew. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to making my stills – 2011 has absolutely reinforced for me that my images are nothing without everyone from the Actors, Producers, Directors to the Production Designers, DoPs, Make-up artists and even Caterers and Driver’s contribution.

I hope that you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed making them. Here’s to 2012 and going professionally onwards and upwards.

Wavelengths | Stills Gallery
Starring: Kate Anthony (Coronation Street, Holby City, Heartbeat) and James Smith (Grandma’s House, The Thick of It, In the Loop)
Directed by: Matt Houghton & James Spinney for Fee Fie Foe Films

Going Nowhere
Starring: Joanna Defendi and Robert S J Lucas
Disclosure Productions | Official Site

Equilibrium: the Mercenaries | Stills Gallery
Starring: James Gamble, Dan Richardson, Billie Vee and Felix Pring
Directed by: Chris Chung for Silver Koi Productions

Drawn Together | Stills Gallery
Starring: Daisy Ausden, Brookes Livermore (My Week with Marilyn), Andrew McDonald
Directed by: Vicky Howell for Systir Productions

9 Lives | Stills Gallery
Starring: Madison Lygo, Thomas Jordan and Jonathan Harden (Titanic: Blood and Steel, Whole Lotta Sole, Five Minutes of Heaven, Coming Up)
Directed by: Michael Lennox for NFTS

Chemistry | Stills Gallery
Starring: Lily James (Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Wrath of the Titans, Fast Girls), Tom Riley (I Want Candy, Monroe, Lost in Austen) and Al Weaver (Sherlock, Marie Antoinette, The Nativity)
Directed by: Remy Bazerque for NFTS

A Perfect Ten | Stills Gallery
Starring: Helen Embleton and Alexander Chard
Directed by: Junia Bashiru

PA’s | Stills Gallery
Produced by: Robert S J Lucas and Joanna Defendi for Disclosure Productions

Finally, particular special thanks to my always supportive lover/muse, my close friends and family whose support and good humour gets me from one show to another.


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