Film Publicity – A collection of links

I’ve got a strong interest in learning about good film publicity practice. I’m of the opinion that understanding the principles of film publicity and what the best practitioners do, I can apply that knowledge to my work as unit stills photographer. Here’s a selection of great resources I’ve come across that inform my work on every show I work on:
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  • The Independent answers the question What do film publicists actually do?
  • interviews unit publicist Susan d’Arcy
  • Alternative Magazine interviews Ethelmae, Sylvester Stallone’s unit publicist. For further reading: Ethelmae’s Blog.
  • Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul Independent film publicity and distribution by the Film Collective
  • Alphapanda demystify the services that great film publicists provide
  • Transmythology – The interest graph and implications for independent film
  • Magda Olchawska on creating a press kit for a film
  • BBC Film Network – Press and Publicity Requirements
  • Simon C Page writes some very wise words on movie poster design

    If you think I’m missing any good resources, please get in touch. via e-mail, twitter or use my contact form above! I’d love to hear from you.


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