Film Making Bookmarks – September 2011

Cinematographer Arthur Mulhern, does pre-call checks on his 35mm camera - 9 Lives

Here’s a few excellent websites and articles I’ve come across lately that will interest all film crew and aspiring media professionals:

  • is Evan Luzi’s web site that’s predominantly for camera assistants but really great for all on set crew. He posts great articles on a regular basis focused on improving on set professionalism and better film making. Evan’s articles are enjoyable to read and highly informative.
  • Sheri is a prolifically blogging film marketing and publicity guru I started following while looking to expand my knowledge of independent film publicity. Her site is not only a great resource on film publicity, but also in the world of personal branding and self promotion use of social media not to mention a bunch of other useful topics. Even if film publicity isn’t your area of interest I think Sheri has a lot of excellent advice for anyone interested in film making.
  • is operated by Jude Winstanley and is an excellent resource to follow for paid UK production jobs. Oh yeah, and its absolutely free to subscribe for regular alerts via twitter, facebook or RSS.
  • Shu Richmond’s So you want to work in television – its a must read source if you’re wanting to forge a career in UK TV
  • Elsa is a TV Talent Manager who specialises in TV career coaching. Elsa also wrote a book on the subject How to get a job in Television.
  • BBC podcast – Getting into TV – Shu Richmond (Executive Producer), Jude Winstanley (Production Manager), Elsa Sharp (TV Talent Manager), Sarah Grout (BBC Vision Intake) talk with Simon Smith on the CoP Show with many other sessions relevant to the world of media(Podcast Link)
  • Plink Meets…a series of audio interviews with leading UK Film, TV and Photographic creatives

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