Strays – Production Stills

Andrew Hawley and Richard Madden

Andrew Hawley and Richard Madden, mid caper

I recently received approval from the producer of Strays to make publicly available my stills from this short film. I’m incredibly excited to present my update to the Strays gallery. You can be assured that my portfolio will shortly be updated to include some stills from this short film directed by Robert McKillop ( and was gorgeously shot by Maja Zamodja ( on 16mm film.

Strays stars Richard Madden (HBO’s Game of Thrones and C4’s forthcoming Sirens), Andrew Hawley (Canal+’s Borgia and ITV’s Wuthering Heights) and Sophie Stanton (The Bill, Holby City, Midsomer Murders and Ashes to Ashes just to name a few).

All the cast and crew on this project were a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to see how Strays fares on the festival circuit. The production values from this project really show in this gallery of stills.

My gallery of stills from Strays is now available Click here.

Andrew Hawley - Nick

Richard Madden - Elliot


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