Tech Talk – Best movie stills resources for on set photographers

So, when I started this series of Tech Talk blog posts, I did so on the basis that there is a dearth of good information on the internet regarding my craft. What I’ve started to discover to my delight is that there’s more information than I first thought. Here’s a few of the resources I’ve discovered and why I love them.

Video Resources

The magnificent Jasin Boland talking about his favourite gear and the joys of working alongside a talented DoP. Jasin is an amazingly engaging speaker, really knows his stuff and creates sensational movie stills. Jasin works predominantly on action films so talks about how lucky he is to often shoot without a blimp on film shoots. This interview was recorded during the making of Aeon Flux.

Baz Lurhmann and his on set photographer, James Fisher talk about the importance of the role of a photographer on a film shoot, in particular about the making of Baz’s epic feature film Australia.

Blog Articles and web sites

Then here’s a series of blog articles relevant to shooting stills on and marketing of films. In particular check out Karen Ballard’s article on shooting stills for Stephen Spielberg on Munich shows a master director really understanding the value of the role of the stills photographer.

I also think its very important for any aspiring unit stills photographer to have at least a basic appreciation and understanding of the role of the unit publicist and the practices of film marketing and publicity teams. As a photographer, you’re going to be hired again and again by delivering images that will seamlessly drop into Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) and other film marketing strategies. Here’s some great links that I think reflect best practice for a movie stills photographer:

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Tech Talk – The musings of me

Finally, don’t forget about my continued musings on the art of shooting publicity stills on film sets:

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Think I’m missing topics or great resources? Then drop me a line and tell me about them! You can share this link easily by clicking on the icons below.


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