Good Morning 2011!

Things have been a bit quiet over xmas in terms of film and television production, so I resurrected the content of the website that started it all for me.

This website is an archive of my rock’n’roll photography which kicked off my love for capturing performance leading me to my career passion – shooting publicity stills for film and television.

Shooting live bands and performances was a valuable educational experience and proving ground for my photography.

I learned:

  • to shoot unobtrusively and while capturing the best images that the shooting conditions allow.
  • about working with performers, and how to focus on capturing images that will market the performers and their show to their audience.
  • that discretion around artists earns trust and trust earns better opportunities to capture better images

All of these professional learnings come with me to every film set I’m welcomed on to.

I looking forward to bringing all of these skills onto more and higher profile film sets in 2011.


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